Obtaining Vital Homeowner Information

The process to purchasing a home is very important and must be completed properly. The same goes for owning and maintaining a home as well. There are many documents that must be properly filled out, moving documentation, codes and laws to abide by, and so much more.

At Townwood Homes, our clients are extremely important to us. We want to ensure that your home-buying experience is a positive one and continues to be positive throughout the duration that you own your home. Below, we have gathered some of the most important resources that could be beneficial to you throughout your journey. For more information regarding our resources, feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of experts would be more than happy to assist you.

Educational information
is vital to every parent.

Important Links for Obtaining Information


The various utilities will have been notified of a change of ownership effective on the day of your closing, however you will need to complete your account information with these suppliers.

  • For information about setting up your hydro account, click here
  • For information about setting up your gas account, click here
  • For information about your account for water and waste water (please note you do not have to set up an account for this, it is included with your PowerStream billing), please click here
  • For information about garbage and recycling, please click here


The various utilities will have been notified of a change of ownership effective on the day of your closing, however you will need to complete your account information with these suppliers.

  • For information about setting up your hydro account, click here
  • For information about setting up your gas account, click here
  • For information about your account for water and waste water, click here
  • For information about garbage and recycling, please click here
  • For information on where to pick up your Canada Post mailbox key click here




  • For information from Canada Post to set up your new service and obtaining your postal code, please call the customer service department at 1-866-607-6301 or click here to complete your new service online
  • For information about redirecting your mail or registering a permanent change of address with Canada Post, click here
  • For a fast and easy way to notify the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of your change of address within Ontario, please click here (note: please do not change your address before you move, or it becomes effective.)

Everything You Need to Know
Before You Buy a House

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make. Your house sets the foundation for which you live your life. It’s where you live, where you share your life with loved ones, it’s your home. For those reasons, and so, so many more, you should always do the proper research and ensure you are absolutely prepared to purchase a house, move into it, and live there.

At Townwood Homes, we want to ensure that your experience purchasing, moving into, and living in your new home is as positive as possible. Click here to review the Homeowner Information Package from Tarion. This package is the complete guide to your new home.

Insurance Options

Your new home is an investment. And with any significant and valuable investment, insurance is a top priority. Home insurance is an important factor, especially since there are several different kinds to consider. These include:
• Homeowner insurance
• Mortgage loan insurance • Title insurance
• Mortgage, life, and health insurance

These different types of insurance policies will help ensure the protection of your assets and financial wellbeing. They cover the home you live in, contents inside the home and around the property, protect against payment default, protect you and your family in the event of a disability by ensuring your regular mortgage payments are made if you become disabled, and paying off your mortgage in the event of death.

Arranging Your Mortgage

There is so much to consider when you’ve decided to buy a new home. Hiring a mortgage specialist can greatly simplify the process. They can help you answer some of the toughest questions, for example, what locations to look for homes, how much to set aside for a down payment, and how much you can comfortably afford. They will help you figure out where to begin, and then work your way forward from there. They can also help you correctly use your RSP funds to build a down payment, which is a step that most home buyers find quite difficult and overwhelming.

Contact an on-site sales representative today to learn more about specific mortgage solutions designed for you.

Moving Guide

You should start preparing for your move at least two months before you take possession of your new home. Packing and moving can be an extremely overwhelming process, which is exactly why we have formulated an in-depth and comprehensive moving guide. Find below a handy checklist that can help you streamline your packing and moving preparations.


  • Make a “move file” where you can store receipts, phone numbers, estimates, and any other information or documentation that you might have to refer to quickly. Store this file in a place where it won’t mistakenly be packed.
  • If you are moving to a new municipality, research any special laws and/or requirements that apply to you in regards to home-based businesses, etc.
  • Gather estimates from reputable moving companies
  • Think about furniture placement using the floor plan of your new home


  • If you are changing your family doctor or dentist, obtain medical and dental records, x-rays, and prescription histories
  • If you are changing your children’s schools or daycare facilities, arrange for records to be transferred


  • Start using up freezer food and cleaning items that shouldn’t be moved, such as bleach and aerosol cleaners
  • Inform your home and vehicle insurance company that you are moving
  • Ensure you have full coverage throughout your move
  • Create a list of valuable or items that will be difficult to replace
  • Have antiques, artwork, and other valuables appraised and plan to move these items yourself
  • Make any necessary storage arrangements


  • Locate hospitals, police stations, veterinarians and fire stations near your home
  • List the things you do not want to move
  • Sell, give away, or donate these items
  • Prepare a folder of information for the new occupant of the house you’re leaving


  • Choose a moving company or arrange to rent a truck
  • Gather boxes and packing materials
  • Make necessary travel arrangements
  • Cancel or transfer banks and memberships in clubs, organizations, and churches
  • Make an inventory of your belongings for insurance purposes
  • Record serial numbers of electronics
  • Arrange pet transportation


  • Return all library books
  • Pick up all dry cleaning or items in repair shops
  • Pack items you seldom use
  • Discard of flammables, corrosives, and poisons
  • Arrange for child care and pet care on moving day


  • Arrange for utilities to be switched from your current home to your new one
  • This includes hydro, water, waste disposal, newspaper delivery, magazine subscriptions, telephone, cable, and Internet providers
  • Arrange for help from friends and family on moving day
  • Organize medication you will need stocked and readily available


  • File important papers, moving documents, and phone numbers
  • Fill out and mail change of address forms, including the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Health, bank/credit union, credit card companies, physicians, insurance, friends and family, subscriptions, organizations, sports teams, post office, hydro, gas, and Municipal Tax Department
  • Arrange for a temporary mailbox with your post office
  • Pack
  • Label boxes that contain necessities and label them to open first
  • Drain gas/oil from lawn mower, gas grills, heaters, and other motors
  • Dismantle and prepare beds and other large furniture for moving


  • Empty, defrost, and clean your fridge
  • Clean all rooms as best you can
  • Drain water hoses
  • Have payment ready for the movers


  • Revise your will and other legal documents with your new address
  • Keep your move file handy for reference
  • Enjoy your new home!


  • Once your house is empty, check each room vigorously to ensure nothing is left behind
  • Check all the rooms again
  • Carry important documents, jewelry, and currency with you
  • Ensure the movers have your new address and cellphone number
  • Get the drivers number as well
  • Check your belongings and make note of any damages
  • Keep pets as happy as possible, as this can be a very stressful time for them

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